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A new bookmarklet

There’s now a bookmarklet that sends the url of the page to the link shortener, instead of the post body. There’s a brand new bookmarklets page containing all the latest info, and the bookmarklet has gone from the compose screen. Cleaner, neater, nicer.

Thanks to Tim for the suggestion.

Composer supports scheduling

We’ve just deployed the ability to schedule posts. You’ll see a new “Post later” option on the compose screen. If you click it, you’ll get an option to choose the time and date when your message should be delivered.

This feature is brand new, this is the first draft, and it’s still in alpha. It’s best to only schedule posts for a month or so in advance. Further into the future should work, but a month is the safest window. Posts should be delivered within a minute of your specified time, but they could take up to 5 minutes under some circumstances.

We’ll work on making the interface prettier and easier to use, adding a calendar to choose the date, and so on. For now, it should get the job done. If you experience any issues or have any feedback at all, please let us know in the comments.

We Just Added Service Groups

Excited to announce, hot on the heels of adding image support, we’ve now also added service groups!

Service groups allow you to create groups of services that you frequently post to, and then select a whole group of services at once, rather than having to choose each one individually.

This is really useful if you have a lot of services, or manage multiple ‘personas’.

Managing Your Groups

Login to Composer and go to Account>Service Groups

If you’ve not created a group before, your first step will be to choose which services you’d like selected as default. This will create a group called ‘Default’ and will be your default services chosen on the Compose page.

Once you’ve selected those, you can then create as many groups as you want. Groups display right above the list of services on the Compose page, so when you select a group, you’ll be able to see exactly which services your message will get posted to.

Composer posts images

In our biggest release since launch, we’ve just deployed the ability to publish images.

Today, images are posted to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. If you send an image post to other services, we’ll send just the text, without the image. We’re working on sending a link to the image to other services.

We send the image as a normal image post to both Facebook and Twitter. For WordPress, we get a bit creative. First, we upload the full original file to your WordPress site. Then, we get the image details back from WordPress, and insert the medium sized image into the post. This way, you can choose what size your Composer posted images appear in WordPress, by editing your “medium size” in your Media settings on your WordPress site.

To celebrate, I posted this picture of our office elephant to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress!

Office Elephant

Everybody can delete services

When building the first prototype for Composer, I skipped the ability to delete services because it seemed like something we could tackle later. Well later has come. We’ve just deployed the ability to delete services. There’s now a “delete” link next to each service name on the services page.

Until now I was deleting services by hand in response to email requests, but now all Composer users can delete their own services. Happy days. 🙂

Compose in Chrome with the New Extension

Very excited to announce that we now have a Composer Chrome Extension!


ComposerChrome allows you to write a post about anything on the web, from any page.

It works in a similar fashion to the bookmarklet. Install the extension, log in, and then click the button to write a post on any webpage – the title and URL will automatically be inserted into the post to make sharing what you’re looking at much easier.

At the moment, your post is sent out to all your networks, although we’ll aim to improve that in the future and allow you to choose what networks you can post to before sending your update.

We’re really excited by our first Chrome extension, and big thanks go out to Roni Laukkarinen for creating it.

Twitter outage

This morning we discovered a problem with our publishing to twitter. We were using the Twitter API version 1.0, which was shut down on Monday. We’ve updated to use the 1.1 API and publishing to twitter should now be back online. Apologies for any tweets that failed in the meantime.

To help with these errors, we’ve added deeper visibility into the status of posts on the history page. Under each post you’ll now see a row shows the status of that post against each service. The three statuses are pending, posted and failed. If you see pending, try refreshing after a few seconds. If you see consistent problems with one or more services, let us know.

Composer’s own link shortener

When you’re writing messages that are destined for Twitter, there’s often a need to shorten urls. Well, from today, Composer can do that for you. On the post screen you’ll notice a new input box in the top right hand corner. If you enter a URL into it and click “Shorten” the url will be shortened and added to your message.

The new short url will be added to the end of the current message (not where the cursor is in the text box, that will come later). Shortlinks will be on the domain and will be very short.

Also note that any urls posted in the message will not be shortened, only urls entered via the shortener, the rest are left as they are.

If you spot any issues with the layout, or have any other feedback, let us know in the comments.

Post to Blogger

We’re on a roll this week here at Composer HQ. We launched Facebook pages 2 days ago, and today we’re launching Blogger support. It’s live. Check it out. You can add blogger accounts here.

One blogger account can have access to many blogs. After you authorise Composer, we’ll present you with a list of your blogs. Tick as many as you want to add and click “Add Blogs”. Then you’ll land back on the Services page with the new blogs showing at the bottom of the list.

As always, any feedback or issues, shoot over a comment below.