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Tumblr gets hashtags and photos

Two announcements for Tumblr support.

Tumblr gets images. Post an image to Tumblr, and it’ll switch your Tumblr post type to “photo” and send the text as the caption.

Also, if you post a #hashtag to tumblr, we’ll automatically make it into a Tumblr tag. Sweet.

Any issues or feedback, just let us know…

Composer posts images

In our biggest release since launch, we’ve just deployed the ability to publish images.

Today, images are posted to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. If you send an image post to other services, we’ll send just the text, without the image. We’re working on sending a link to the image to other services.

We send the image as a normal image post to both Facebook and Twitter. For WordPress, we get a bit creative. First, we upload the full original file to your WordPress site. Then, we get the image details back from WordPress, and insert the medium sized image into the post. This way, you can choose what size your Composer posted images appear in WordPress, by editing your “medium size” in your Media settings on your WordPress site.

To celebrate, I posted this picture of our office elephant to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress!

Office Elephant