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Post to Blogger

We’re on a roll this week here at Composer HQ. We launched Facebook pages 2 days ago, and today we’re launching Blogger support. It’s live. Check it out. You can add blogger accounts here.

One blogger account can have access to many blogs. After you authorise Composer, we’ll present you with a list of your blogs. Tick as many as you want to add and click “Add Blogs”. Then you’ll land back on the Services page with the new blogs showing at the bottom of the list.

As always, any feedback or issues, shoot over a comment below.

Deployed Google Analytics

I’ve created a new GA account and added the javascript tracking code to both WordPress and the core Composer app. It should be live now.

I’m not the biggest fan of Google Analytics, and I myself both nullroute and block it with ghostery (thanks Kasper). However, it is the industry standard, and it gives independent validity to our traffic numbers, which might be useful if the service becomes popular.

Thoughts on a postcard? (Or a comment?)