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Everybody can delete services

When building the first prototype for Composer, I skipped the ability to delete services because it seemed like something we could tackle later. Well later has come. We’ve just deployed the ability to delete services. There’s now a “delete” link next to each service name on the services page.

Until now I was deleting services by hand in response to email requests, but now all Composer users can delete their own services. Happy days. 🙂

Facebook Pages

You asked, we delivered. Facebook Pages were the number 1 requested new service. The code is live, you can now post to Facebook Pages from Composer.

Quick word of warning, you’ll need to reauth your Facebook account because we added the “manage pages” Facebook permission. Until you do that, you won’t see any pages on your account because Composer doesn’t have permission to ask them. Click here to reauth now.

To add a Facebook Page, go to the services page, then next to any of your Facebook accounts click the “add pages” link. The link only appears next to Facebook accounts, not next to other Facebook pages. You can post to multiple Facebook accounts and multiple pages within each of those accounts. It’s Facebook page posting galore!

Any questions, issues, or feedback, fire a comment below.

Composer speaks plurk

Fergus put a survey together asking folks what services they’d like to see supported. Google Plus was the front runner, but their api is read only, so that’s not an option. I scanned the list for other votes, and figured I’d take a bash at plurk.

Took a couple of attempts, first I tried the plurkoauth library, as recommended by plurk themselves, but that required pecl_http, which was a PITA to install. After a bit more searching I found EternalPlurk. It threw up a few fatal errors and a bunch more warnings. But after a few quick bugfixes, it seems to do the job. Thanks to the author.

The code is now live on production, and I’ve successfully linked my plurk account and posted a plurk. One thing, we automatically use the plurk verb “says”, there’s currently no option to change that, either per message or per account. If it’s something you feel passionately about, shoot a comment and I’ll what I can do.

Plurkers, welcome to the Composer family… 🙂