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Many Tumblrs

Jamel asked to be able to post to multiple Tumblr blogs. An excellent suggestion. We’ve just launched it. When you click through to add Tumblr blogs, you’ll now be given a list of all the blogs you have access to and you can choose as many as you want to add.

As usual, fire any feedback in the comments.

Oh, and happy 2014. 🙂

Tumblr gets hashtags and photos

Two announcements for Tumblr support.

Tumblr gets images. Post an image to Tumblr, and it’ll switch your Tumblr post type to “photo” and send the text as the caption.

Also, if you post a #hashtag to tumblr, we’ll automatically make it into a Tumblr tag. Sweet.

Any issues or feedback, just let us know…

Composer speaks Tumblr

Just deployed Tumblr support. My last tumble was in July, so it’s great to be back on the platform. Took me a while to figure this one out, but it turned out to be pretty easy. It’s all based on oauth and a simple API. Using the existing oauth library, everything was provided for me. All I needed was to find the url forthe API call, the parameters, and bolt together the oauth authorization scheme. Easy peasy.

Do you tumble? Click here to add a Tumblr account to Composer now. Quick word of warning, right now, we only post to the first blog in your account. If you want to post to multiple blogs within the same account, shoot over an encouraging comment and I’ll see what I can do…

As with WordPress, Tumblr posts are appended with a little “Posted via Composer” link.