Composer speaks plurk

Fergus put a survey together asking folks what services they’d like to see supported. Google Plus was the front runner, but their api is read only, so that’s not an option. I scanned the list for other votes, and figured I’d take a bash at plurk.

Took a couple of attempts, first I tried the plurkoauth library, as recommended by plurk themselves, but that required pecl_http, which was a PITA to install. After a bit more searching I found EternalPlurk. It threw up a few fatal errors and a bunch more warnings. But after a few quick bugfixes, it seems to do the job. Thanks to the author.

The code is now live on production, and I’ve successfully linked my plurk account and posted a plurk. One thing, we automatically use the plurk verb “says”, there’s currently no option to change that, either per message or per account. If it’s something you feel passionately about, shoot a comment and I’ll what I can do.

Plurkers, welcome to the Composer family… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Composer speaks plurk

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    1. Fergus

      Hey Lorenzo,

      You can see the services we currently support on our Services page. We don’t support 45 yet, but we add new features/services regularly. You can vote on the one you’d like added next on our sidebar poll, we usually add the most popular ones.



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