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LinkedIn working again

We’ve had issues with LinkedIn recently. The LinkedIn API is one of the most complicated and least documented that we support. It looks like anything posted on LinkedIn is now only visible on the homepage. Updates used to appear on my profile page, but not any longer.

The LinkedIn API was telling us that messages had been successfully posted, but in fact they were not appearing. To get around the problem, we’ve switched from posting “Network Updates” to instead using the “Share” API.

Previously, “Shares” and “Network Updates” were treated differently, but now that they all land only on the homepage, we’ve switched. The share API is a bit more reliable.

Any issues, please shoot us an email or fire a comment below.

Publish to LinkedIn

We just added support for our seventh service, LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is like Facebook, you need to renew your tokens every 60 days. We just launched a new feature today, so when your Facebook or LinkedIn tokens are near expiring, we’ll tell you and ask you to renew them. It should just be one click. Please let us know if you have any issues. Click here to connect to LinkedIn now.

LinkedIn messages are limited to 1,000 characters, if you go over that, we’ll automatically post a shortened version to LinkedIn and include a link to the full version.

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