LinkedIn working again

We’ve had issues with LinkedIn recently. The LinkedIn API is one of the most complicated and least documented that we support. It looks like anything posted on LinkedIn is now only visible on the homepage. Updates used to appear on my profile page, but not any longer.

The LinkedIn API was telling us that messages had been successfully posted, but in fact they were not appearing. To get around the problem, we’ve switched from posting “Network Updates” to instead using the “Share” API.

Previously, “Shares” and “Network Updates” were treated differently, but now that they all land only on the homepage, we’ve switched. The share API is a bit more reliable.

Any issues, please shoot us an email or fire a comment below.

3 thoughts on “LinkedIn working again

  1. Marcus Miller

    The last two postings I made “failed” when attempting to post to Linkedin. The latest was today, after these recent “fixes” were made to LInkedin I assume. What can I do? Thank you

    1. Callum Post author

      You could try deleting the service on both Composer and on LinkedIn and then reconnecting the two. It is posting for me, so the system seems to be operational…

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