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Closing down Composer

Update: Apologies to everyone who posted a comment, comment notifications were broken, so we didn’t see them. We assumed nobody had noticed. Thanks for your support, will try to follow up on comments that wanted a reply shortly…

As of now, registration is closed. I still use Composer personally, so I’ll keep the service online for some time. However, users should migrate to other services and expect that at some point the service will go offline.

Any accounts that look like spam are liable to be deleted immediately and without warning.

No Support

As of today, we’re also suspending all support. We’re unable to respond to any support requests. Please use another service instead.


Thanks to all our users over the last couple of years. Unfortunately signups and usage never really took off, and have been declining recently. The service costs money to host, takes time to maintain, and hasn’t produced any income or revenue of any kind. It’s just not practical to maintain it any more. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

If anyone is passionate about the service and would like to take over hosting and maintaining it, feel free to reach out in the comments.