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New Bootstrap theme

Composer has been given a bit of a facelift. The stock CakePHP design has been augmented (it’s not fair to say replace, much of it remain) with Twitter’s Bootstrap.

In theory, this makes the whole design far more responsive. That’s true for the menu, but not so much for the other parts, yet. The pieces are now in place, so we’re a step forward.

Also, a big boon for me personally when posting on my phone, I’ve changed the flash messages to be colour coded, so now green box means succeeded, red box means failed. Yay for colour coding!

Also, the new responsive theme makes text much bigger on my phone, puts the menu behind a button, and so on. If you haven’t already, head over to Composer and check out the new design. As always, thoughts on a postcard (or comment)… 🙂