Adding WordPress

When you enter your URL, the easiest is to copy and paste the “” from your WordPress dashboard under Settings > General. Otherwise, include the full path to your WordPress installation, but do not include “/xmlrpc.php” in the url.

3 thoughts on “Adding WordPress

  1. David

    I can’t find what you’re talking about under Settings>Writing. Why doesn’t the setup for WordPress tell me what field the parse error is in? I might be able to correct it if I knew. Thanks.

    1. Callum

      That setting was removed in a recent WordPress update, it’s now always on, so you can safely ignore that. I’ve updated the page. I’m not sure what you mean about a “parse error”? Are you seeing some kind of error message?

  2. David

    Yes, I am getting a red error message at the top of the page that says “parse error. Mistake?” (I don’t remember the whole message now.) It doesn’t show me where the error is and won’t let me continue.

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