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Online Invoicing with a Social Side

I’ve been chatting with one of the guys behind online invoicing tool BeachCandy, who has been using Composer.

He’s given us some great feedback on the product, which is really helpful.

While checking out his website, I saw his product BeachCandy and was pretty impressed. BeachCandy is an online invoicing tool, allowing users to create and send invoices via their web browser. They have a pretty competitive pricing structure, and the bit that I was most impressed about, they donate 20% of all subscription revenues to social projects.

Yes, you read that right, not 20% of profits, but 20% of revenue! That’s a might impressive thing to do for a company.

They also have a busy and interesting blog. I’ve read a few posts recently and they cover a range of tech based topics, but generally give an interesting insight on them, and provide some news and information on some niche topics, that are probably less covered by the big tech blogs.

Facebook Integration Fixed

After a user reported an issue adding their Facebook account, we identified an issue with the Facebook registration process.

We fixed it today, so adding Facebook should be back up and running.

If you notice any problems with any service, please let us know.

#ComposerLogo Decided that waiting 18 days for a guy on Fiverr to make a logo was too long. Got a different guy who'll do it in 3. Will compare them and choose the best one. First one should be posted very soon….

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Building This Because We Miss

Callum built Composer last year as a personal replacement for because he missed the ability to post to WordPress, Twitter and Facebook from a single place. We both used to use for that, and when it was taken over by Seesmic, they dropped WordPress support (and heaps of other services).

After talking about Composer for a while, Callum built it and we both started using it. A couple of other people started using it and he added Indentica support for one of those users as it was a must have network.

We’ve had a few chats about what to do with it – whether we should keep it as a service that we use as it solves a problem for us, or open it out to the public and let anyone use it.

We decided on the latter! Today, I’m starting to get involved in the project and we think that the first step is to get a few more users on board to use the service and get their feedback. Since doing some research, it’s become clear that lots of users really miss, so there’s definitely a group of people out there who might not have found an alternative service yet, and might find this useful.

Hopefully we’ll get a few more users on board who can provide some feedback on features/networks they’d like to have. If there’s a must-have network that’s not currently supported, please get in touch – we may be able to add it quite easily and if so, hopefully quickly.

On reading about why closed and why hellotxt closed, it may mean that at some point we will need  to charge for the service to cover operating costs, however, at this point we have no plans to do so, and accounts created while the project is being developed will be free forever.

Want to help create an awesome replacement? Sign up and join in!