Facebook Integration Fixed

After a user reported an issue adding their Facebook account, we identified an issue with the Facebook registration process.

We fixed it today, so adding Facebook should be back up and running.

If you notice any problems with any service, please let us know.

7 thoughts on “Facebook Integration Fixed

  1. James

    How about facebook pages. I wouldn’t want it posting as me personally but as/through one of the “pages” that represent an identity related to what’s being distributed to all of the sites (in this case, a community).

    1. Fergus Post author

      Facebook pages are definitely on our list! There’s a voting section at the right hand side of the page where you can vote on the services you’d like added.

      Currently Facebook pages are tied 2nd most popular service so they should get added soon!

    2. Fergus Post author

      Facebook pages are now live! Sorry it took longer than we thought – we ended up doing some backend architecture improvements first.

  2. Rieke

    Hi Fergus,

    I joined today and wanted to add a FB page. I couldn’t find/see the possibility where to change from the personal profile page to another one which I want to use.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. James

      Wonderful. I added one yesterday.

      Rieke, add your fb account first and authorize this site with fb through the process. Then go to “Account” and “Services” and next to your facebook there is a “(Add pages)” link. It then adds your selected page to the list. It seems the only way not to also post to your personal fb is to uncheck it every time you go to compose a new post (while keeping the added fb page checked).

      If they don’t separate how a FB profile vs a FB page is added (so you don’t have to add both to get the page on there), maybe they could (in the future) add an option to the services page to select which will be on (or “checked”) by default on the compose page. Just an idea.


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