Rare Facebook issue fixed

We had a strange issue where in very rare cases, posts were sent to the wrong Facebook page. Instead of being posted to your own profile, they would be posted to the timeline of another Composer user. Still posted as you, but to the wrong place. This issue has now been fixed. There seems to be some kind of bug in the PHP Facebook SDK.

5 thoughts on “Rare Facebook issue fixed

  1. ASB

    Is that what caused FB postings to sometimes fail? (Especially to the FB page, rather than the FB profile)

    1. Callum Post author

      Yes, now that I think about it, it probably was. When I went back and looked, I realised some of my posts to facebook don’t appear on my own timeline. Unfortunately they were posted to a different timeline.

  2. Robg

    Couple items…
    Would be nice to be able to post to FB Groups. Currently the only choice I see is to post to a Page linked to my personal profile. Though I have two pages linked, the app fails to acknowledge either.

    Hellotxt used to be my ag blaster of choice before they shut down. They had a generic form a user could fill in to connect to any account they didn’t already have automated. You, like them have several to select from, though they probably had a much more extensive list than yours, several failed leaving me to believe staying on top of each sites constant changes must be quite intensive so developing a generic form which accepted url, name, api keys, etc the users filled in and connected to eliminated a LOT of work for ppl on your end.

    Just a thought… I was also able to fill in the FB group info in that form and post successfully. As well as a number of other SM sites they didn’t have user ready.

    I love what you are doing, I have been looking for something like this forever… So if you leave it even as is… you’ll get no complaints from me.

    Thanks ppl… this is amazing.

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