Changing Your Facebook Password Breaks Posting

Thanks to some helpful tips from one of our awesome users, I found out this morning that if you change your Facebook password, it breaks posting on Composer. IE when you try and post to Facebook after changing your Facebook password, you get a ‘failed’ message.

To resolve this, you need to delete the Facebook service and then re-add it.

I find this slightly peculiar for Facebook to work in this way. When I changed my password, I did have the option to ‘Sign out of all devices’, but in my mind, this shouldn’t affect apps which integrate with Facebook.

I also tested posting to Facebook from Hootsuite right after the password change, and it also failed, so it appears to be an issue with the way they authorise apps, rather than a problem specific to Composer.

I also tested changing my Twitter password, and can confirm that there were no issues. However, they had a nice feature where after changing my password they said “There are 9 apps which currently have access to your Twitter account, check them out here” with a link to view the apps which have access.

For me, this is a much better way of managing the password change process.

4 thoughts on “Changing Your Facebook Password Breaks Posting

  1. Donna Barr

    This is my morning brain: I changed the Twitter password to get rid of a bad spam. it seems okay, though. BUT – I also changed LinkedIn. HOW do I change the password to LinkedIn? D’uh.

    1. Fergus Post author

      I don’t think I’ve tested LinkedIn yet. Easiest solution is to delete your LinkedIn account in Composer then add it again. 🙂

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