Auto shortening for twitter, etc

More goodness from the composer HQ today! If you type a message over 140 characters and send it to Twitter, Plurk or Identica, we’ll automatically shorten it, post it on a URL, generate a short link, and then post the beginning of your message along with a short link to the full message. It’s live now, no configuration necessary.

Shoot over any feedback in a comment… 🙂

One thought on “Auto shortening for twitter, etc

  1. Ian Clegg

    This feature (Auto shortening for Twitter) is just amazing. I just typed anything in the URL box, and it worked. Is this the correct way to do it? Also, not sure if this is possible, but if you could provide a user template, so that the post is embedded in a background graphic to suit the user, that would be a great feature.


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