Remember me and other tweaks

The remember me function now works. If you’re having issues, I recommend clearing cookies for this domain. The “remember me” text on the login page is also now a label, so clicking it will tick the checkbox. The devil’s in the details.

I’ve also deployed some behind the scenes changes that bring encryption to the application. If you created a link to WordPress before today, then the data you submitted was stored in plain text in the database. From today forward, this data is encrypted.

There was some discussion about whether or not this feature is important. Most people felt it was overkill to focus on security so early. I’m a big fan of the “better safe than sorry” philosophy when it comes to security, so I’m pleased that this code is live.

I also found a new deployment process, so bzr-upload replaces good old rsync! Deployments are now as simple as `bzr upload`.

6 thoughts on “Remember me and other tweaks

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    1. Callum Macdonald Post author

      Oh yeah, good point, my post was decidedly unclear! Any data input before today is not encrypted. Any data created from this point onwards, is encrypted. Simplest option is to delete the existing WordPress service and create a new one. Of course I haven’t yet built a delete function, so just let me know if you’d like me to delete the existing WordPress service. 🙂

    1. Callum Macdonald Post author

      Composer lets you type one message and post it to Facebook and your blog. Write once, publish everywhere. You can even post by SMS! 🙂 You can sign up at the “Register” link above…

      1. Vera

        These are the bits I do (vaguely) understand, I was just commenting on the mega techie post and trying to show you how impressed I am.


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